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Since 2004Aviation Gate Technical Airport Services with its subsidiaries Aviation GateTransport Consultancy & Gulf Quality Engineering has been active inprovision and services of airport ground support equipment (GSE). Our key roleis to meet development challenges facing aviation sector with respect toairport services, and associated fields. We retain excellent relations with a good number of world major GSEmanufacturers from USA Europe and Asia. Our accredited technical management meets strictly ICAO and relatedinternational standards.    

As we areoperating at the capital of United Arab Emirates and with our professionalairport/aircraft and general equipment expertise, we can strongly offerafter-sale product support (repair, maintenance, and warranty backup). With ourclose airport industry involvement and relationship, we can also serve as astrong partner in promoting and supporting our clients.

We also providefor our customers a complete solution that will minimize the cost of ownershipand resources in the maintenance of all types of ground support equipment.

As part of ourgrowth strategy,  we expanded ourinternational network through inauguration of branch office in UK which enableus to increase our market outreach to most cutting-edge technology withinairport and aircraft equipment, maintenance, and support industry. Moreover, wehave expanded our services to various airports/entities in Abu Dhabi and Dubaiwith a strong team of highly qualified and experienced engineers and skilledtechnical staff.  

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