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Our Services

Aviation Gate being a UAE company maintains a continued interest in all of the equipment it supplies, in the form of periodic inspection or direct feedback from the client. This continued involvement provides invaluable insight into the long-term performance of the equipment and contributes towards further development of future material supplies and thereby enables Aviation Gate offer increasingly cost-effective and best reliable service to its clients. The company extends active association with African reputable companies in the field namely,Country Aviation Centre and Capital Aviation Center.

GSE Maintenance

AGTAS is a leading provider of Ground Support Equipment (GSE) maintenance, fleet maintenance and facility maintenance services with operations across the UAE and UK. we are dedicated to supporting the daily operational performance of airlines and service providers across our network. We can assist with a custom maintenance program, including:

  • Motorized GSE Services

  • Non-Motorized GSE Services

  • Refurbishment Services

  • Facilities & JetBridges

  • Fleet Services

AGTAS workshops are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, with our highly qualified and trained maintenance team, we provide maintenance for various equipment types at all stages, from routine maintenance up to overhaul maintenance, to all types of equipment, even the latest version of computerized engines and equipment.

We also provide mobileworkshop services in Ramp to support any defects that happens during aircraftground handling. Our mobile workshops stock the most needed spare parts, repairand maintenance jobs can be done on the spot.

GSE Training

The World around us is constantly changing and moving forward. At Tips, we strive towards innovations that increase the efficiency of your equipment, reduce operating costs, and facilitate work. Due to the need for continuous development, we also adapt our training to enable you to get the most out of your equipment. Our trained professional staff will make sure that you will become familiar with every smallest detail that you need to know so that your equipment will serve you long and with efficiency. Training increases the safety of manipulation of vehicles and equipment, while the risk of accidents is reduced to a minimum.

Technical Airport Services

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