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AGTASprovides complete aircraft and airport ground support equipment (GSE) solutionsto corporate, FBO, airline and general aviation customers worldwide.

GSE Supply

Wesupply an unprecedented variety of service capabilities that are unmatched in the industry, allowing us to customize complete GSE packages. 

Our Extensive and diverse product lines set us apart, making Aviation Gate the preferred GSE supplier to our clients. Combine this with our team of professionally certified mechanics and engineers, revered customer service andan online parts store, and you have the best aircraft GSE supplier in the business.

GSE Leasing

We provide short-term (rental) or long-term (lease), for a single motorized or non-motorized GSE, or for an entire fleet.

Manpower Supply

Aviation Gate Technical Airport Services is one UAE and UK fastest growing specialist suppliers of skilled personnel to the aviation industry.

We Supply Skilled Manpower in the following roles in aviation:

  • Loadcontrol officers

  • GSE equipment operators

  • Drivers(all categories)

  • Safety officers

  • Cargo warehouse operators

  • Portersand loaders

  • Forklift operators

  • GSE Maintenance Technician

Technical Airport Services

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